Constructing a New Framework for Rural Development
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Pierluigi Milone, Flaminia Ventura and Jingzhong Ye
This collection provides an overview of China’s rural politics, bringing scholarship on agrarian politics from various social science disciplines together in one place. The twelve contributions, spanning history, anthropology, sociology, environmental studies, political science, and geography, address enduring questions in peasant studies, including the relationship between states and peasants, taxation, social movements, rural-urban linkages, land rights and struggles, gender relations, and environmental politics. Taking rural politics as the power-inflected processes and struggles that shape access and control over resources in the countryside, as well as the values, ideologies and discourses that shape those processes, the volume brings research on China into conversation with the traditions and concerns of peasant studies scholarship. It provides both an introduction to those unfamiliar with Chinese politics, as well as in-depth, new research for experts in the field. This book...more
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2015



Chapter 1    Introduction

Chapter 2    Rural development: Actors and practices

Chapter 3   Activities, actants and actors: Theoretical perspectives on development practice and


Chapter 4  Is multifunctionality the road to empowering farmers?

Chapter 5  Peasant innovation and grassroots action in China

Chapter 6  Seeds and sprouts of rural development: Innovations and nested markets in small scale

     on-farm processing by family farmers in south Brazil

Chapter 7   Hidden treasures: Reconnecting culture and nature in rural development dynamics

Chapter 8   Rural development from the grassroots: Twenty years of the EU “Leader Approach”

Chapter 9  The distinctiveness of rural development practices in north west Europe

Chapter 10 Towards the characterization of actors engaged in rural development

     processes in the north west of Europe

Chapter 11 Weaving the institutional market: The politics of food production in land reform

     settlements in Brazil

Chapter 12 Revisiting evolving webs of agri-food and rural development in the UK: The case of

     Devon and Shetland

Chapter 13 Conclusion: Reproducing future in rural area